Everyimg-1881 two years a new asparagus queen is crowned at the opening of the Terlano asparagus season. Until 2024 asparagus queen Magda Lena Runer represents the asparagus triangle Terlano-Vilpiano-Settequerce and Terlano asparagus at events at home and abroad. 
As a child she learned to appreciate and love royal vegetables. The 22-year-old was out in the fields a lot at an early age, and the asparag,us theme wasn't just a theme for her i,n the spring - as her father, Klaus Runer, was himself an asparagus farmer and president of Terlano's asparagus growers. This closeness to nature and the importance of exchanging ideas with others still characterize her today.
Her medical studies led Magda to Graz, her next stop will be Linz, but she is proud of the proximity to her homeland. For this reason, as the queen of asparagus, she is happy to be so strongly linked to Terlano even from afar.