Every two years a new asparagus queen is crowned at the opening of the Terlano asparagus season. Until 2021 asparagus queen Elisabeth Hofer represents the asparagus triangle Terlano-Vilpiano-Settequerce and Terlano asparagus at events at home and abroad.

Music is her life - and asparagus is her favorite dish for several weeks a year: The 31-year-old music teacher comes from Pfelders in the Passeiertal, and her great passion is singing and the violin. The love led Elisabeth to Terlan nine years ago - and thus to the asparagus. Her husband Alexander Höller is an asparagus farmer. The intensive relation to nature and the handicrafts with and in the earth are a strong contrast and at the same time a wonderful balance to her social work: "I look forward to working in the field every year."