Every two years, the new asparagus queen is crowned at the opening of the Terlano asparagus season. From 2024, Asparagus Queen Susanne Geier will represent the Terlano-Vilpian-Settequerce asparagus triangle and Terlano asparagus at events at home and abroad.
Susanne, who is actually studying pharmacy, will be an ambassador for the royal vegetable as Terlano Asparagus Queen. She wants to promote the appreciation of healthy locally grown vegetables. According to the Asparagus Queen, consumers should become more aware of the high quality of "Margarete" asparagus, "so that they understand what makes Terlano asparagus unique and why it is worthwhile to process it and treat themselves to it every now and then when visiting a restaurant."
And how does Susanne Geier like to eat asparagus? "That's the most difficult question of all," she says with a smile, because asparagus tastes good to her in practically all variations. "If I had to choose, it would be lasagna," she finally says.

The Asparagus Crown: In 70 hours of elaborate manual work, the crown of the Asparagus Queen was made by the Terlano goldsmith Hansjörg Kerschbaumer and was worn for the first time by an asparagus queen in 2007.
The Queen's shining badge is made of silver and is decorated with a golden "Margaret" coat of arms, several pearls and a stone. It was commissioned and donated by the founder of the Terlano Asparagus Season, the unfortunately deceased innkeeper Helmut Huber.