The first South Tyrolean farmers began to grow apples just under 100 years ago – unlike wine, which has been grown here for over 2000 years. Even if the history of apple growing in South Tyrol is very recent, it is a true success story: Today, every second apple in Italy and every tenth apple in Europe is grown in South Tyrol.
Most of the farmers in Terlano, Vilpiano, Settequerce grow grapes and apples. Every year 7,500 wagons of apples, that is 75,000 tonnes, are grown on 1,200 hectares (12 km² = approx. 1,700 football fields). The five most important varieties grown are Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Cripps/Pink and Pink Lady®.

 gala-edited Royal Gala
juicy, sweet, crunchy

golden-delicious-edited Golden Delicious
juicy, sweet aroma with fine acidity
 granny-smith-edited Granny Smith
fresh, juicy, fine acidity, strong flesh

 braeburn-edited Braeburn
crunchy, sweet and sour flavour, firm flesh

pink-lady-edited Pink Lady
juicy, crunchy with a fruity, slightly tart flavour and a high sugar content