Fennberg Lake

Schweigglplatz 8
39040 Kurtatsch an der Weinstraße
General description

A lovely winding mountain road leads you quickly up from Kurtatsch, through woods, meadows, vineyards and fruit orchards to the high plateau of Unterfennberg. The jewel of this plateau is without question little Lake Fennberg, perfect for a summer swim. Although the lake is a biotope with unusual flora and fauna (more than 35 types of orchids, freshwater crayfish and other types of plants and animals),  a small wooden pier with a ladder leads down to swim in the silky moor water while enjoying the views of the tiny St. Leonard's church and the surrounding mountain peaks. Water lilies and dragonflies build a frame for the lake, which is a popular spot for ice-skating during the cold winter months. The plateau offers many walking paths as well as the possibility of travelling up by car, hiking path or via ferrata. The plateau is also an excellent destination for bikers, be it mountain bikers, motor bikers or racing bikers.

Description to arrive at destination

From the Weinstraße through Kurtatsch up to Unterfennberg (ca. 13 km).

Recommended season
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