Kneipp path in Anterivo/Altrei

Piazza del Municipio 1c
39040 Anterivo/Altrei
General description

Visit the Kneipp facilities in Anterivo/Altrei and learn which effect simple, cold water can have on health and wellbeing. The recreational area for mind and soul has all the facilities needed to make water applications according to the theorie of Sebastian Kneipp.

The application rules are described in detail on the spot, so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing experience of a Kneipp path.

Near this Kneipp facilities, they have made another small one only for kids!

For the benefit of all, the prescribed protective measures must be observed!

Description to arrive at destination

It is within easy reach of the centre, approximately 10 minutes on foot. Along the street in the village across Padil and the Waldheim Hotel, you will reach the Kneipp cure facility on the hill of Sandegg, on trail number 3, which leads to the Monte Corno.

Attention: Abouth the bad drink water situation it's possible that the Kneipp path remain without water sometime!


Recommended season
May, June, July, August, September, October
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