Tenuta Weingut Nusserhof

Via J. Mayr Nusser Weg 72
39100 Bolzano Bozen
General description

Josef Mayr-Nusser (Bolzano, 27 December 1910 - Erlangen, 24 February 1945) did not swear fealty to Hitler and paid for it with his life. Resistance has always been part of the Mayr family’s DNA. After the war, they decided to defend the Nusserhof farmstead, the family residence since 1788, from growing urbanisation. It was subjected to expropriation six times during fascism and eight times more recently by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Located in Bolzano’s artisanal and industrial area, today the Nusserhof (a listed building thanks to the uncle’s beatification in 2017) is a green and environmental estate which has made of biodiversity its hallmark since 1994. It also represents a haven for musicians and artists. The local Lagrein and Blatterle varietals are grown on sunny and wind-blown alluvial soil rich in porphyry and dolomia. Heinrich Mayr may be a man of few words and a luddite, but this oenologist’s wines win everyone over.


The Lagrein Nusserhof has been winning countless awards over the years for its robust yet elegant presence. The Lagrein Riserva is their pride and joy: 40 days in contact with the grapes’ skin and then 30 months in wooden casks. Grown in the traditional S. Maddalena vineyards to the north of the city in Leitach on the Trautmannhof farmstead, the varietal yields a small quantity of red wine. The wine is dedicated to Heinrich’s wife, Elda, and complements the product range of this historical estate. Its ruby-red colour can become as dark as a Pinot Noir. It ages in a cask for more than 2 years and a half.

Open only on request: yearlong
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