Guggenbräu - Beer firm

Via Avigna 31
39050 San Genesio Atesino/Jenesien
General description

The Guggenbräu beer firm is located in Avigna/Afing at an altitude of 960 m and was first mentioned in 1379. It has been family-owned for 198 years. The main activity was dairy farming, products such as butter and eggs were sold on the market in Bolzano and milk was delivered to the dairy. Unfortunately, this activity was no longer profitable and so they looked for alternatives. The idea of ​​brewing beer arose from the wild hop plants that have always been climbing up a wall above the courtyard. Grain was grown in the fields around the farm before, so it was nothing new for Hans. So again, barley and wheat were cultivated for the farm's own beer production. In 2019, 7 different aroma hops were grown, which can bring a wide variety of exciting aromas to beer. As we had all the raw materials we needed for a purely agricultural beer, we started selling in autumn 2020.

South Tyrolean craft beer from home-grown We love to brew our 6 classics, which are available all year round, and creative, seasonal, limited editions.
Open all year round by appointment: March 1 2021 - December 31 2035
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