Ice Rink Terlan

39018 Terlan / Terlano
General description

Open air Ice Rink, sports facilities Terlan in Niederthorstrasse.
Open: monday-friday1.30-4 pm, sat./sun./bank holiday 10-12.30 am & 1.30-4 pm.
On the following days the icerink is open only in the afternoon: 12/18/19/26/27/28/29/30 Dec., 15/22/30 Jan. On8th January closed the whole day.

Children until the 6 years: free, 6-18 years: 4.00 Euro, 10 entrances 36.00 Euro
Adults: 4.50 Euro, 10 entrances 40.00 Euro
Scate-hire service: 3.00 Euro
More Information:
A fever is measured before ice skating. It is compulsory to wear a face mask and to disinfect your hands before stepping on the ice surface. Maintaining a distance between people must be observed.

Open: November 20 - February 13
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