General description

Our horses, properly trained, are reliable animals. They are given loving care and sympathy as a reward for their gentle behaviour. We can offer rides through landscapes rich in legends on strong horses, expressive, sweet and safe.

Description to arrive at destination

How to reach S. Genesio by car If you are travelling from North it is best for you to take the Bolzano-Nord exit of the motorway and to proceed towards Bolzano through the Rencio quarter. Turn right before you get to the Renon cableway station and follow the road signals to S. Genesio. Past the S. Antonio bridge turn left and take a right after about 200 m; this road will lead you to S. Genesio. During the 15 minutes drive up the slope you can enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Dolomites. Driving from South, take the Bolzano-Sud exit of A22 motorway and follow the road signals. We recommend that you  follow the road signals and not the GPS indications, which do not lead to the main road SS99.

Recommended season
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