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The Terlan wine path

In Terlan you will find a newly established "wine path" running through the upper Terlan area.

Already existing roads and hiking paths are combined into a theme walk through the vineyards of Terlan.
From numerous signs you can learn interesting facts about Terlan’s winemaking history and culture.

Following the information boards along the path, you will enter vineyards at various altitudes and with different climatic conditions, see the varieties grown in the area and the vine training systems, and be introduced to soil and quality management.

The walk will take 1.5 hours.
Start at the Terlan Winery.

Brochure of the Terlan wine path in pdf.version (2 MB)

Saint Urban Night

Saint Urban of Langres is the patron of wine in the German speaking area. He is celebrated on the 25th of May.
For this occasion a prayer for good weather and the blessing of the wineries takes place in the chapel of the 'Köstenholz' residence at 6 p.m..
Afterwards, the wineries of Terlano and Settequerce/Siebeneich serve their precious wines and some culinary delights – be it sunny or rainy.

Venue: Via Chiesa and Via Margarethe in Terlano.
Date: 25th May 2016, 7pm-11pm

Please watch the video about the event here...

Vino in Festa 2017

Tasting & Enjoying. Vino in Festa and the Wine cellar night

The 15 wine growing towns along the South Tyrolean Wine Road provide the setting for Vino in Festa for one month from 22nd of April to 1oth of June 2017.

varied programme focusing on the topic of wine invites to taste, enjoy and get to know each other or simply linger in the historically and architectonically special villages.

Vino in Festa ends with the Wine cellar night on the 10th of June, when the wine cellars along the Wine Road in Bolzano, Terlano, Andriano and Nalles open their doors for visitors.

Welcome to the South Tyrolean Wine Road.
Please visit our homepage.
We are looking forward to seeing you and your friends!



The Terlan winery

Terlan has been a wine-growing area for more than 2000 years. Its position in the shadow of the Tschögglberg Mountain provides a mild, almost Mediterranean climate with hot summer days and cool nights during the maturing period. These conditions are ideal for the growth of wine. Another factor contributing to the excellent quality of grapes grown in Terlan are the red porphyry soils that warm up easily in the sunlight.
At the centre of this ideal winegrowing region the Terlan Winery was founded in 1893. The Winery is a cooperative with over 100 associates, who work together in keeping their rich traditions alive while continuously improving it with innovative elements. The fruits of their careful labour in harmony with nature are aged in modern cellars under strictly controlled conditions.
The Terlan Winery trusts in long standing cultivation traditions and works with the natural conditions in the vineyards. These vineyards, the so-called "Terroir" harbour a large part of the mystic longevity and minerality of Terlan’s wines: the light, extremely porous soil, heats up easily. Combined with the deep growing roots of the vines this leads to a lower quantity but higher quality yield. The plants get their minerality from the soils that are rich in silicium, mostly quartz-porphyry. Due to its soils rich in minerals the Terlan Terroir is often compared to French wine-growing regions. The characteristics of Terlans wines such as the precise fruit and the fine yet intense note lead to experts comparing them with matured champagne vintages.
Guided tours in German language in the Terlan Winery including wine tasting: every Thursday from April to August at 3.30 pm
Wine tastings in the Terlan Winery: every Thursday in September and October at 4.30 pm
Bookings: at the Tourism Office Terlan by Thursday 12 pm –   Charge: 10.00 Euro

The Terlan Winery
Via Silberleiten 7, 39018 Terlano/Terlan
phone +39 0471 257135

Private winerys

Wines and sparkling wines at the Von Braunbach Winery

Ansicht Von Braunbach

The Von Braunbach Winery is located on the sunny, gentle slopes west of the provincial capital of Bozen. This former monastery was owned by the Bishop of Brixen until 1200 and then given as a present to the Teutonic Order. Nowadays it houses a first class winery. The grounds are ideal for growing grapes.

Guided tours with wine tasting may be requested directly at the winery.

Von Braunbach Winery
Via Padre Romedio 5, 39018 Settequerce/Siebeneich
phone +39 0471 910 184

The Kornell Winery

Florian Brigl

Since the 13th century "Staves" has been the field-name for the area around the Kornell Estate owned by the Brigl Family.
The vineyards below the ruins of Greifenstein Castle are facing south. The clay soils with their high content of weathered porphyry and the Mediterranean climate provide ideal conditions for growing wines with great character and originality.

The Kornell Winery
Via Bolzano 23, 39018 Settequerce/Siebeneich
phone +39 0471 917 507

The Stocker Winery

The Stocker Winery (sparkling wines)


Via Chiesa 62, 39018 Terlano/Terlan
phone +39 0471 256 032Sebastian Stocker senior

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