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Asparagus weeks

Welcome to the Asparagus Triangle

Farewell winter, welcome mini-summer. Spring starts early in Terlan. The Mediterranean climate warms our bodies and minds while elsewhere the winter is still in full force.

And while many plants are still slumbering in their seeds our asparagus is already bravely peaking out of the ground. Every year we welcome this messenger of spring.

There are numerous delicious ways to enjoy asparagus. Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich have a long standing asparagus growing tradition and are thus known as the Asparagus Triangle.

Once again we would like to celebrate and enjoy asparagus season with you in April and May.
A warm welcome to all of you!

Every year's opening of the Asparagus Season will take place on the last Thursday in March.

Please find all information about the Asparagus Restaurants here.

Nature, culture, asparagus

Asparagus hikes in and around Terlan (in German language)
Dates: 8, 15, 22, 25 and 29 April and 7 May 2017, Price: 85.00 Euro

Individual programme and additional dates available for groups!

This special hike allows participants to learn where and how asparagus is grown, what special qualities it possesses and of course to enjoy a number of delicious asparagus dishes.
-     9.30 am: Welcome reception on the main square in Terlan.
-     While enjoying an aperitif and some asparagus appetizers we learn how asparagus is cooked.
-     Then we step into the parish church of Terlan where we admire the frescos dating back to the 14th and 15th century. They are masterpieces of the "Bozner Schule" (a group of local artists).
-     In an asparagus restaurant we will enjoy asparagus soup while learning about the beginnings of asparagus cultivation in Terlan in the 19th century.
-     Invigorated in body and mind we will hike to the asparagus fields between Terlan and Vilpian (approx. 5 km in total). There we watch the local cultivators cutting the asparagus and learn about the cultivation of this delicious vegetable.
-     Then we continue through the orchards to Vilpian where a delicious asparagus lunch followed by dessert is awaiting.
-     Afterwards the train takes us back to Terlan.
-     Our journey ends where the freshly harvested asparagus is delivered by the farmers: In the Winery Terlan. After being washed and sorted the asparagus from the Terlan area is then sold under the name "Margarete".
-     The grand finale of our asparagus excursion is the sampling of some classic wines from Terlan. And before we go home a small surprise present for all participants is awaiting.
Event finishes at: approx. 5 pm

Folksy coach tour

Folksy coach tour through the ‘asparagus triangle’

A culinary adventure with 2 hp

Starting at Vilpian and going via Terlan and Siebeneich, this culinary coach tour sends you on an adventurous journey. We travel through villages, past asparagus fields, discover beautiful alleys, enjoy the light breeze and the magnificent panoramic view, and stop to savour the many asparagus-based creations of the ‘Terlaner Spargelwirte’, the local innkeepers. On our way, right on the asparagus fields, the growing and cultivation of this royal vegetable is explained to us. Additionally, we learn more about its processing and marketing procedures in the Terlan winery – of course not without getting to taste the special asparagus-wine. Altogether, this makes up for a unique trip for all aficionados, discoverers and asparagus-friends. Be it as a group, á deux or on one’s own: this trip with its characteristic touch remains an unforgotten memory.

The dates, the programm of the tour and the price for 2017 haven't yet been set.

Information and registration: Tourist association Terlan Tel. 0471 257 165

The number of participants is limited. For larger groups, you are welcome to book the folksy coach tour individually. It is ideal for family getaways, company outings, as a mother’s day present or for other group events.

Asparagus shop

Where can you buy original asparagus from Terlan?

In the Asparagus Shop in the Kellerei Terlan (winery) in april and may                  
Via Silberleiten 7, 39018 Terlano/Terlan. Tel. +39 0471 256400
Opening hours: Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 12 pm  and 2 pm to 6 pm and  Sun. 9 - 10 am

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