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Parish church Terlan

The Parish church "Mariä Himmelfahrt (Mary's ascension) is a building from the High Gothic Period of the 14th Century.  The altar room and the choir chairs are the oldest part of the building.  However, the older part of the building complex, which still stands today, is the little Roman side tower, which was built during the 13th Century.

The oldest frescoes are in the choir chairs area.  They were probably produced around 1399 and are part of the main works of the so-called "Bozner Schule" (Bozen School).  There are a number of wall paintings also to be found in the long house, which date back to around 1405 and were painted by Hans Stockinger.  His frescoes present a classic example of the perfect merging of German and Italian shapes (e.g. the birth of Christ, the Madonna with the protective coat, St. Christopher etc).

The church is open dayly.

Parish Church Vilpian

Old Joseph's Church

The old, small church was constructed in 1639 and dedicated to Saint Joseph. The tower was only added in 1865. This church is one of the oldest churches in Tyrol dedicated to Saint Joseph. The interior is arranged like a Capuchin church. The church was extended in 1845. The church is not open for visitors.

Parish Church Saint Joseph the Worker

Because the old church became too small for the population in Vilpian in 1900, the community planned to build a new church. Due to the difficult financial situation and World War II, the construction of the new church only began in 1949; the bare brickwork was concluded in 1950, and finally in 1955 the church was consecrated.
It is a modern, austere sacred building. Over the main altar, there is a life-size crucifix dating from the 17th century. It is an item on loan from the Meran Civic Theatre and is the most important piece of art in the church. The renowned painter Franz Lenhart from Meran painted the two adoring angels on the façade and the monogram of Jesus above the round window over the entry.
The bell tower was not realised at the beginning, due to financial reasons. Only in October 1996, was the new tower constructed within a short period of time.


St. Anthony in Siebeneich

This small and cosy chapel was built in 1702 by order of the Commander Johann Jakob Count Thun. It was the second chapel, after the one in Klobenstein that was devoted to the Saint who was greatly revered by him. It is also the crowning conclusion of his building activities carried out at the manor of the Teutonic Order in Siebeneich which began in 1664.
The altar with two columns and statues of St. John and St. Jacob, who are the patron saints of the Commander, is credited to the sculptor Cristoforo Benedetti from Castione.

This church can not be visited.

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