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MERANO - The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
The Gardens of Trauttmannsdorff Castle (look the photo nearby), on the eastern outskirts of Merano, comprise more than eighty garden landscapes with plants from all over the globe, nestled into a natural amphitheatre setting. More information here

BOLZANO - South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
The mummified body of Ötzi the Ice Man is exhibited, together with all his weapons, clothing and equipment. More information here

BOLZANO - Museum of Modern Art: The Museion
The Museion is an international artistic research laboratory with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary: a collection from the 1950s to the present day, with exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. More information here

BOLZANO - Messner Mountain Museum Firmian
Sigmundskron Castle is the core of Reinhold Messner's Mountain Museum project, featuring the relationship between Man and Mountain as its central theme. More information here

CALDARO - South Tyrol Museum of Wine
This unique museum in Kaltern/Caldaro offers a tour through the cultural history of wine, especially  that of South Tyrol. The museum  contains winemaking implements, cooper's tools, wooden and glass vessels as well as large wine presses. More information here

TIROLO - South Tyrolean Museum of History - Castel Tyrol
The dynastic castle of the Counts of Tyrol, who gave their name to the province, is a solid memorial of Tyrolean history. An interactive tour guides visitors through the main events during the centuries of the castle's development. More information here

LANA - South Tyrol Museum of Fruit Growing
The museum describes the history of fruit growing in South Tyrol. Housed in the medieval Larchgut residence, it boasts 2,000 square metres of exhibition space where visitors can learn about cultivation , growing techniques, old and new fruit varieties, pest control an irrigation types. More information here



Das Wetter in Südtirol

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