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It's hiking time

There are beautiful and varied hiking path for all tastes, whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll or are an avid mountaineer. In the valley you can find easy excursions. On the higher grounds well marked paths guide you along the way. There are routes to striking lookout points that can be easily taken by the whole family!

Guided hiking tours

Would you like to explore the beauty of our mountains while enjoying the company of a small group of like-minded people? Then guided hiking tours are for you!

From June through October the Tourism Office Terlan organises a guided hiking tour every Wednesday. The excursions start either in Terlan or Vilpian. In spring, summer and autumn we also organise excursions where you first take your own car to the starting point of hikes in the Tschöggelberg Mountain area, the area surrounding Meran or in the Dolomites. The hikes are for everyone who walks fairly regularly as the paths range from easy to medium level of difficulty. The net walking time lies between two and four hours. The competent tour guide will not only give you information about the mountainside but also about the history, architecture, flora and fauna of the area. Information about the tour of the week is posted in the Tourism Office at the beginning of the week. Participation is free.

Everyone can join. Just bring proper hiking foot gear, rainwear, some provisions and most of all high spirits.

Cablecar Vilpian-Mölten

It takes a mere five minutes to reach the high plateau of the Tschögglberg Mountain.
It is an ideal starting point for many hikes and walks (e. g. to Mölten, St. Ulrich, Vöran usw.)

Ticket prices with visitor card: One way ticket 3.50 €, Return ticket 5.50 €, bike ticket 4.00 €.
Ticket prices without visitor card: One way ticket 4.00 €, Return ticket 6.00 €.
Children up to 6 years do not pay for using the cablecar.
The cable car ticket is included in the Mobilcard, Museumobilcard and Bikemobilcard.

Departure times:
on the workdays:  7, 7.25, 8, 8.25, 9, 9.25, 9.45, 10*,10.25*,11, 11.25*,13, 13.25, 14, 14.25, 16, 16.25, 17, 17.25, 18, 19.
on the Sundays: 8*, 8.25, 9, 9.25, 10, 10.25, 11, 12, 13, 13.25, 14, 14.25, 15, 15.25, 16, 16.25, 17, 17.25, 18, 19 Uhr.
*These courses are omitted from 10th november to the middle of april.

Hiking tour suggestions


Starting from the parish church follow the Kirchgasse Alley up to the Restaurant Oberpacher. Then turn left into the Silberleitenweg Street which leads you to the Peterbach stream. If you would like to walk up the left bank, change over to the right side at the end of the promenade and continue up a short while and then take the level path that passes by the cedar lined Liebeneich Manor, cross the Kirchgasse Alley and continue on towards the Hochbrunnerhof farmhouse. From here continue as described in suggestion no. 1.

This hike can also be shortened significantly and walked as a round tour by taking the bridge to the left of the top end of the Petersbach promenade in the opposite direction, starting out level and then either upwards or downwards or crossing the road and following the path enclosed by walls. As described in suggestion no. 1 you can easily shorten the route by taking the path back down to the village after reaching the Hochbrunnerhof farmhouse.

Vertical distance: approx. 120 m, walking time (without resting time): approx. 2.5 h, walking distance: approx. 5 km


Start off by walking up Kirchgasse (as described in the first suggestion) to the beginning of the Margarethe Promenade. Then take the old, mostly cobble-paved Montigler Road (no. 9). After about 30 minutes on the incline you reach a cross-roads with the path coming from the Neuhaus ruins on the right and leading to Montigl. Continue on the old Montigler Road until you reach the new Montigler Road. Continue eastward on the new Montigler Road for approx. 20 minutes until you reach the "Moarhof" Farm. It is the last farm on this high plateau (not open to the public). In order to get back down to the valley the moderately steep and little used road to Terlan can be utilized. Where it meets the road to Mölten it is preferable to cross it, go up for about 40 m and use the old Möltner path to get back down to the village. After several hairpin bends your path meets the new Mölten road coming out of a tunnel again. Follow it for approx. 50 m. Then there is an opening in the guard rail where you can enter the quiet path again that will bring you back down to the village. After about 20 m we suggest you take a quick detour to the left to the "Wetterkreuz" (weather cross). This beautiful panoramic viewpoint grants a look at the ruins of the St. Peter Miner's Chapel that was built in the 14th century and  on the opposite mountain slope you can still see the entrances to some galleries from the 15th century, when mining had its heyday in this region. The path then continues a little steeply down to the farmhouse "Klaus in der Mühle" and eventually feeds into the Kirchgasse Alley which leads you back to the starting point.

Vertical distance: approx. 350 m, walking time (without resting time): approx. 4 h, walking distance: approx. 8 km


If you would like to shorten the tour, you can take your car in the direction of Mölten. After the tunnel, at the "Montigl" turnoff you can park your car (further up there might be a few parking spots as well). After the turnoff walk for approx. 200 m along the road. Then take the footpath turning off on the right of the road. Soon after there is a fork in the path. You can take either the left more direct route or the right slightly longer way heading towards the "Gruner Felswände" (Grun rock walls).  In this case your destination will be on the left before the rock walls.

Your way back down to the valley follows a path on the opposite side, leading you to the "Oberlegar". From there see tour no. 4. However, before reaching the tunnel on the Mölten road, take the slightly upward leading path on the left, which will bring you back to the starting point of the tour.

More experienced walkers can start from the village centre by walking up the Kirchgasse Alley and then continue on until the last farmhouse "Klaus in der Mühle". Then turn right and walk towards the "Wetterkreuz" (weather cross). When you reach the Mölten road, just before the tunnel, turn left and shortly after turn right. After the 2nd hairpin turn, turn back to the road on your left. Ascend on the opposite side as described previously.

Another variation of the route is via the hamlet of "Montigl"  and the "Grunerhof" farmhouse and then on almost even ground through the pine tree forest onto the rock walls (viewpoint). From here you can see your destination above the valley. You will reach it by taking a slightly descending path first and then take the first turn to the right and continue walking upwards.

Vertical distance: approx. 600 m


Your starting point is the furniture store Schlemmer (approx. 1 km south of the village of Vilpian - bus stop). Walk up the hill towards Unterplanatsch and continue until you come to a fork in the road. Take the left path towards Oberplanatsch, passing by the farms. Just after the house turn right and walk up the steep path in the direction of Verschneid. You will reach the Mölten road passing the farms named "Spoar", "Ausserspergs" and "Innerspergs". Continue in the direction of the village of Verschneid. After the 3rd farm (below the road) there is a double curve, after that on the left take the quiet walking path via the hamlet of "St. Georgen". From there continue straight to the village centre of Verschneid (1,072 m).
An alternative return route is the Mölten road down to Terlan, passing the "Legarhöfe" farm houses. Watch out for the red-white markings for hiking paths leading away from the road!
Yet another variant is from St. Georg to walk via the hamlet of Versein and then cross the valley that is stretching out from Mölten to reach the cable car "Vilpian-Mölten". You can also continue by foot from there down to Vilpian. An early start is recommended!

Vertical distance: approx. 800 m, walking time (without resting time): approx. 7-8 h, walking distance: approx. 12 km


You will start at the village centre of Vilpian or from the parking places at the cable-car valley terminal of Vilpian. Take path number 1, which will lead you up to the tavern "Oberschol" (544 metres). Here you can choose one of two variants:

a) the way up to the cable-car mountain terminal. You can also take the return trip down into the valley.

b) the way, which leads across the suspension bridge to the Planatsch farm houses. Follow the signpost to "Vilpian", turn right and walk down to the "Unterplanatschhof". Then, walk on the beautiful old path (without number) through the deciduous forest down to the valley road and to the Schlemmer furniture store. Walk along the pedestrian path back to your starting point..

Vertical distance: approx. 300 m, walking time (without resting time): 2.5 h      


Here you will find several suggestions for hiking tours in whole South Tyrol:

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